All About Cirqua

What’s in a name?

– a conversation with Fritz about how the studio came to be Cirqua –
pronounced / ‘s  rk /-ah , as in “circa”


/s rk/
1. archaic - Circus
2. circle, circlet



/’s rk /
(often preceding a date)

Naming the studio was a short leap from a very personal project –  my own residence, informally known in Columbus as the “Circus House”.  In transforming it for my family, I speculated on Circus man, Peter Sells’ motivation in 1893 to commission both a home and a monument to his success from noted architect Frank Packard.

Over a century later, the renovation challenged me to adapt it for my family’s lifestyle while honoring the home’s narrative to infuse the spirit of the circus.  This touched off some musing on the abstract qualities of what it means to create a spectacle in a residential context, where comfort and ease are equally important to making a statement.

After all, what is the circus?

Many aspects in the rich circus history revealed these intangibles of my approach to design:

Whimsy – At Cirqua, we believe you can achieve excellence without being overly serious.  We infuse each project with a light-hearted note that expresses the owners’ personality, not unlike the spontaneous laughter from losing yourself in a performance.

A memorable experience – We feel Design should transport you and elevate your life.  We consider any design a success if aspects of the interior take you out of your day-to-day routine.

Fun with scale – Circus spectacles create delight through improbable scale – the elephant on a ball, a bear on a bicycle or a clown car – even an acrobat as a dot high in the air – are all elements prompting you to see the world differently.

Skill and feats of technique – acrobats, trained animals & even transitions between acts are precisely choreographed to appear effortless.  Our efforts behind the scenes create your front-stage world.

Daring & risk – At Cirqua, we’re not interested in the safe design response around current trends if we can create a timeless impression that lasts & continues to inspire for years to come.

Sensory delight  – Through color, lighting, texture and materials, we’ll work with you to uncover what your unique expression of “delight” is.

3 Rings – We take a comprehensive approach to a project, with no element in isolation.  Balancing design inspiration, detail and project management achieves a full-circle response to your interior.


Whether the starting point for your project is a new build, a kitchen/bath re-model, a renovation or restoration with historic considerations – even an up-date with finishes and furnishings – we will get to know your life-style & goals to tailor a solution that expresses your personal style & supports a life well-lived.