Style – For some designers, having a “signature style” is important.  We prefer to have your personality speak.  If we leave a signature imprint, it’s one that reflects you.

Attention to detail – If it doesn’t support the design intent, it shouldn’t be there. Residential design is uniquely personal. We want to understand your lifestyle & the things that inspire you.  Be prepared for questions surrounding your pursuits and routines.  The process should be enjoyable! Sometimes indications from what is most important to you will prompt a key design element.

Historic Interpretation – every home has a significant story…Fritz’s background in historic preservation informs every project, even the most contemporary interior. Whether a newly-constructed “future landmark” or significant historic home.  No matter what the starting-point for a project is, training in architectural history and periods of interior design frame the approach.  At Cirqua, we first consider what the home’s creator meant it to be, which applies equally to a venerable English Tudor as a structurally-daring mid-century.  Every home has a generating idea that runs through it, which new design work can either enhance or fight. We choose to enhance.

Process – Each phase in the design project is important.  Rushing through the early ideation stage can create problems in execution. Even for projects limited in scope, we progress through these distinct phases:

  • Schematic design
  • Design Development
  • project management
  • installation

Whether the starting point for your project is a new build, a kitchen/bath re-model, a renovation or restoration with historic considerations – even an up-date with finishes and furnishings – we will get to know your life-style & goals to tailor a solution that expresses your personal style & supports a life well-lived.