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A “collection” suggests you had clear design direction from your clients- how did that shape the project?

The family has long been drawn to the southwest, returning often to Santa Fe and Taos.  Some of their travels were design trips, from which they brought back unique adobe salvaged doors, early mission wood carvings and iron work.  It was an inspiring trove to weave into a design!  My task was to complement the collection with furnishings, rugs, lighting and window treatments that were as unique as their finds.  This also called for design of custom one-of-a-kind pieces.


What aspects of the collection set the direction?

Southwest style is hard to pin down, but can also become cliché if not handled well. Colors from the region are bold and saturated, but they coexist with weathered and sun-worn materials. The home’s architecture is Spanish Mission, so there’s an easy blend between intricate iron-work from Spain and more earthy native American tones. Wherever possible, we introduced craft of the region from south-west to Mexico –  for example, a custom table in glazed tile and re-claimed lumber.  The table base was crafted from a salvaged foundry mold. For scale, I designed a massive light fixture, also of salvaged foundry molds and unified by steel and wrought chain. For seating, the scale had to be generous, with a combination of textiles, leather and trims to echo the family’s layered collection of woven rugs, displayed on a hammered rod. After searching for a large-scale piece over the dining room fire-place, I chose to design a custom frontispiece from re-claimed timber and Mexican tiles centering on a sacred Zuni symbol.

Project Brief:

New furnishings and fixtures for Living and Dining Rooms to complement a collection of southwest artifacts.  Work included a combination of special-order and custom-fabricated furnishings, fixtures and window treatments

  • sectional, chaise & ottomans in a combination of leather, tapestry and haired-hide trim
  • southwest-patterned wool rugs
  • large 2-tiered light fixture crafted from original foundry molds and iron-work
  • hand-wrought metal and onyx sconces
  • original design for a custom table of Mexican tile & reclaimed wood with salvage and iron base
  • dining seating in combination of haired hides and embossed tooled leather
  • original design for chimney frontispiece of reclaimed wood and Mexican tile

Whether the starting point for your project is a new build, a kitchen/bath re-model, a renovation or restoration with historic considerations – even an up-date with finishes and furnishings – we will get to know your life-style & goals to tailor a solution that expresses your personal style & supports a life well-lived.